Aid projects

This side contains on the left of to different aid projects in Germany and the world.

More than 800 million humans, under it 170 million-children, hungern.Das is a fifth of the Bewoelkerung the each day approximately dies 30000 humans at the consequences of hunger.



Aid projects in Eastern Europe:

DRUG WORK in Germany:

A K T I O N Schutzengel (Asien):

Emergency service in India http://www.harvest

Radio programs for developing countries: http://www.alte

Orphanages in Africa:

ev.Kirche (welfare organization for the whole world): http://www.brot for those

Evangelisation & world mission:

Listing for aid projects:

Against kinderarbeit and child poverty:

Medical assistance in developing countries:

Christian specialists searched: http://www.christliche

Shelter Germany:

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